Product Description: 

When you combine the Cave Overlay with the Prison Background, you create a dramatic cave scene appropriate for stories like Elijah, David and Saul, and more. You can also use the door from the Betty Lukens Through the Bible in Felt Set to cover the entrance to the cave and create a dungeon for the story of Daniel and the Lions Den and others.

To be used on with a Prison Background (sold separately)


Background vs. Overlay: 

Our backgrounds are a full scene, while an overlay is meant to be used in conjunction with a background. For example the Desert overlay covers up the water section of the Water & Sky background, so the sky is still shown above. 


Large Cave #00719
  • To be used with the Large Prison Background (32" x 48") - sold separately. 
$ 18.95
Small Cave #00819
  • To be used with the Small Prison Background (16" x 24") - sold separately. 
$ 10.95