Deluxe Bible Set
Deluxe Bible Set
Deluxe Bible Set
Deluxe Bible Set
Deluxe Bible Set
Deluxe Bible Set
Deluxe Bible Set
Deluxe Bible Set
Deluxe Bible Set Deluxe Bible Set Deluxe Bible Set Deluxe Bible Set Deluxe Bible Set Deluxe Bible Set Deluxe Bible Set Deluxe Bible Set

Deluxe Bible Set

Key Features:

  • Incorporate easily into your existing curriculum or used on its own. 
  • Encourages children to interact with the Bible story.
  • Holds the attention of even the most active children .
  • Stories in felt will be remembered for a lifetime.
  • Durable felt will last for years to come! 

The Deluxe Set Includes:

  • 600 figures and objects including men, women, children, animals, scenery items, indoor and outdoor objects and many more
  • 3 Felt Boards - Water & Sky, Indoor, Nighttime Purple
  • 4 Felt Overlays - Shoreline, Desert, Hillside, Throne Room
  • File Organizing System
  • 182 Story Teaching Manual - Old & New Testament Stories
  • Extra Figures
  • 182 Coloring Pages & Activities on CD - ENGLISH ONLY
  • Ready to cut and use

The contents of the Large and the Small Deluxe Sets are identical - the only difference is in their size.The Large Deluxe has 12" figures with 32" x 48" felt board backgrounds and the Small Deluxe has 6.5" figures with 16" x 24" backgrounds. 

600 Figures & Objects

Over 600 figures and objects including 12 figures of Jesus plus men, women, children, animals, buildings, scenery items, tables, chairs, pyramids, tomb, ark, fiery furnace, and many, many more. Illustrates 182 stories including over 400 scenes. THESE FIGURES ARE UNCUT AND MUST BE CUT OUT.

Background Felt Boards

Backgrounds are mounted onto heavy duty cardboard and then reinforced with an additional cardboard backing for extra strength and stability. This makes the board light weight but very sturdy. Backgrounds include Water & Sky, Indoor and Nighttime Purple.

Felt Overlays

By adding an overlay you can transform your background completely. See the Water & Sky Board change into a hillside, desert or river by adding overlay pieces. Change the Indoor Board into a palace scene by using the Throne Room overlay. Overlays include: Hillside, Shoreline, Desert and Throne Room.


File System

Organize and protect your felt figures with our unique File System. The 2” deep, 18” x 24” box contains velour sheets on which are printed the outline and number of each figure. Each sheet comes with a Category Tab listing the numbers found on that sheet. This makes it easy to find and then replace the characters and objects you need.

Teacher’s Manual

• 182 beautifully written stories
• Pictures showing 2 scenes for each story
• Memory verses, scripture references, alphabetical index, and a numerical index for all 600 pieces

Extra Figures

New figures to have been added to the set! Groups of men, women and pigs are now included in the Deluxe Sets. 

Coloring Pages & Activities on CD

This CD contains 182 coloring pages, one for each of the stories in our Through the Bible in Felt manual. The CD is intended to be used in conjunction with the lessons taught in the manual. The CD also contains 182 different activities. The activities range in difficult levels and include word searches, anagrams and cryptograms. THIS CD ONLY COMES IN ENGLISH.






Large Deluxe - 12" Figures - ENGLISH Manual #01700 $ 359.95
$ 297.85
Small Deluxe - 6-1/2" Figures - ENGLISH Manual #01800 $ 189.95
$ 157.65
Large Deluxe Set - SPANISH Manual #01700S $ 359.95
$ 297.85
Small Deluxe - SPANISH Manual #01800S $ 189.95
$ 157.65

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